Ravi’s Letter From an Immigration Jail

Ravi Ragbir dictated the following to Rhiya Trivedi:

I’m doing ok. It was a wild and crazy ride. Every moment was uncertain except the certainty that they wanted me gone. I’m still here because of all of you. Thank you.

I miss everyone. I feel very heartbroken to see how many of you are suffering for me; how people were abused during the process. I feel heartbroken that care for someone evokes violence.

I want everyone to stand strong. At the moment, we need to speak about changing the system so that no one has to face this type of harm. Not just for me but for all the families who face being torn apart.

Until we get reform, we need to repeal the act that criminalizes immigrants – that makes us less than human because of a document.

I call upon immigrants: if you need help, reach out the New Sanctuary Coalition and they will fight for you as they do for me. I call upon citizens to answer the call for immigrants who are afraid and who need help standing up. Please accompany them at every step.

I know that I will see you soon.