Update on Ravi’s February 9 Hearing in New Jersey


January 29, 2018

Today, Mr. Ravi Ragbir’s attorneys argued that Federal District Court of New Jersey should grant Mr. Ragbir a stay of deportation pending the Court’s adjudication of his underlying legal case, which seeks to vacate his criminal conviction or, in the alternative, vacate his sentence. Mr. Ragbir’s legal case has been fully briefed.
The following is a statement from Mr. Ragbir’s legal defense team:

Today, the federal district court for the District of New Jersey heard arguments on whether it has the power to grant a stay of deportation in Mr. Ravi Ragbir’s case pending a decision on his underlying lawsuit which challenges the legality of his sole conviction and sentence. Counsel for Mr. Ragbir are hopeful that the court will exercise its inherent authority to grant the stay as it will ensure Mr. Ragbir’s ability to meaningfully participate in his proceedings.

Mr. Ragbir, said: “I am overwhelmed by the broad support from the community today in the courtroom and beyond, and I am hopeful that the court will grant the stay. ICE tries to sweep us away and deport us, which not only jeopardizes our cases but also the well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. It is critical that we continue to fight so all immigrants are able to exercise their due process rights.”

Information on the temporary stay granted in relation to the First Amendment Lawsuit, Ragbir v. Homan, here.