Support Ravi Ragbir

We, Ravi’s Defense Committee, are a group of community members and advocates working together to support Ravi and his family as he continues to pursue permanent relief.

This website will be updated with news from Ravi and the Defense Committee, and ways that you can support him and his family.

2 thoughts on “Support Ravi Ragbir

  1. I have written a letter of support, sent it to Ravi. As soon as it is perused for edits, I will sign, scan and post to you. Please let him know I sent to his rr address! Thanks, Christine, Portland

  2. I’m a New Sanctuary Coalition member/advocate & wonder if I should also be sending emails to ICE, as the phone lines have been jammed. The only contact info I found on the ICE site was for ERO? Is this appropriate, useful, whatever?

    Thanks for your amazing work.

    Sorrowfully but also hopefully,
    Chris Gordon Owen

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