Watch: Ravi is released!

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Transcript via Kathy Heim:

This is the moment for change, right? We have seen the violence.  You know they talked about “war-gaming” this? Have you read the affidavit? They war-gamed this whole thing. 

War-gamed! Who are they at war with? Is it me who they are at war with? It wasn’t me.  Is it you they are at war with?  Is it you, Jumaane? [Councilman Jumaane D. Williams]  Because they seem like they were at war with you guys.

There’s a lot of be questioned, there’s a lot to investigate when you are saying that a federal agency is at war with a community.  And not just A community but THE community.  New York City.  New York City councilmembers.  New York City faith leaders.  New York City lawyers.  New York City churches.  New York City people.  New York City choirs. Right? If they are at war with us, where are we going to? And what do we need to change?

So, this is the first step.  The power of the New Sanctuary is not the violence that they expect but the love that we create.  And that’s what they’re afraid of.  They are afraid that this tidal wave of love that is coming from everyone will suck them in.  Suck them in so much that they had to drop me off at the front door of the church, right? And they will be sucked in.  And that is what they are afraid of because they know if there’s any dignity or humanity in them, that humanity has been touched by everyone. It’s been touched by you and it’s been touched by you — and then they cannot, they cannot do what they are doing.

So this is what they are afraid of.  This is what they are at war with – they are at war with the love that you move, the movement.  In the 60s it was a love movement.  Now it’s a sanctuary movement. But we’re always about the same thing.